Grumpy Dentist 

So last week,the dentists came to my school to do a check up on students and later,  they’ll call out if anyone has any teeth problems. 

So this week, they finally did call all the students that needs to be checked again and get their teeth washed or pluck out or whatever. 

So I was called along with 2 friends from my class. 

My teeth had to be “washed”  when it was more to scraping off my teeth with some type of tiny drill *totally exaggerating*

So that happened.  It was terrible.  My mouth tasted like metal and my teeth feels coarse (till today). And I’m addicted to brushing the tip if my tongue on it.  

During the session it hurt abit when it hit my gums.  Its like a sharp pain, like sensitive teeth kinda pain.  

Anyway, thats not the point. The point is, the nurses were so damn grumpy.  All of them were women *I have no issues against women because I’m one myself*

But all throughout my highschool year there has never been friendly nurses and nurses that would smile.  NONE! 

Everyone is so grumpy and they have this “I swear I don’t t want to be here with these rascals”  kind of face.  Like can you chill??? 

Atleast that would make us less nervous or anxious and not look stupid. Gawddamnit. 

Like yes, I know you’re doing your job probably stressed but we’re kids and can you atleast be kind and pleasant to he approached?  They hardly smile and look at you when they’re talking to you.  

Ugh!!  Annoys me so much!!  Respect us as student’s and we’ll respect you. But if you’re only gonna be mad and talk angrily to us, respect goes out the window.  

I guess thats all.  I just wanted to share how shitty the nurses can be.  Lol.  Byeeeee


Hey peeps! 

I know i said i’d share bits of the story but i’ve been just really tired lately. My trials are coming up reallll soon and i have a Pre-test out of nowhere.  *eye rolls* but its only 3 subjects……. But still though 😩

Even my weekends are filled with extra classes in the morning. 

There goes my plan to sleep in :’)  


Anyway, im not going to promise if i would share what happened at camp because im not sure bout my timings yet.  I might  focus more on studies for the time being but…  We’ll see. 

For now, i need my sleep.  My brain is crammed with facts and needs some rest to shut off for awhile.  



I just got back from a 2days 1 night camp and it was awesome.

Maybe I’d share bits of it soon but for now, I need sleep because I’m dead tired and have school tomorrow. Sucks. 

Till then, bye! 

Problems… Problems…

So recently I helped my cousin to speak to her boyfriend which was not replying her because had a breakdown. And the only reason for his breakdown was because he saw his ex’s picture on Instagram and suddenly the memories came flooding in and he can’t move on.

He’s in a state between trying to get over his ex and not hurting my cousin’s feelings at the same time.

I told my cousin that she should be patient and that he’s not replying because he’s trying to stabilize his state of mind. Plus,if I was him I’d probably do the same thing.

What not? Every time he asks her bout something she’s gonna start asking him questions that she “oh so desperately needs”. Like,hello,girl. He’s already not okay and you’re trying to ask him these questions again like can you please consider what he’s going through???

I mean,I understand that you’re confused too and is worried if he loves you or not but guys? They’re not used to these stuffs so let him chill down a bit and when he’s ready he will talk to you.

And another problem is that he is gonna have to start from square one because he can’t move on. He did at first, until the picture came to his sight and he just loses it!

You’re gonna throw your years of efforts for this one time??? if you can do it once you can do it again. A few days of suffering and drowned in emotions is okay but the rest of the days you have to man-up and be strong. You can’t let it disturb you again. you’ve found a nice girl and now the relationship is in jeopardy because of this one little thing. And what annoys me is he met up with his ex. LIKE WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO HEREEEE???

Sweatergawd I feel like going to singapore and find him and proceed to slap him……and then maybe buy him a drink. You can’t move on if you keep pursuing it,like,MAKE UP YOUR MIND BOY.

I don’t know if I’m feeling annoyed because I’m going through PMS or is it a rational kind of annoyance.

Anyway, this is just half of what I feel. also, to clear things up, I know these stuffs because I was sent by my cousin to chat him and act like she hasn’t been replying me to see if he cares and to squeeze info’s out of him. *eyeroll*

P/S: i’m at school as i type this using the school’s netbook.


The Liebster Award

Omg! Thank you sooo much to my sweet blogger friend, Sydney Rose for nominating me despite being a really fresh user *heart eyes*

Be sure to check out your blog because she is definitely a pretty ordinary college girl 😉

So,here are the rules:

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
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So now, for the answers to my girl,Sydney Rose’s questions:

1.What’s your favorite TV show of all time?  I haven’t been watching TV much for the past few months,sadly.  Also i’m not the type to watch a series consistently. 

2. What’s an interesting fact about you? I love shoes and I’m known to be very feminine also,I’m a pisces. 

3. Why do you have a blog? Because i needed somewhere to vent without people knowing my exact identity because i have a fear of being judged for my opinions.

4. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be? This ones tough..umm.. I’d say knife,phone,water. 

5. Who’s your man crush?  he’s not a celeb but he’s someone i met at a cousin’s wedding.

6. Netflix or Hulu? Netflix

7. What’s your favorite food?  ICECREAMMM!!

8. What’s your favorite song?  I have lots but for now, this .

9. Describe yourself in one word.  Mutable.

10. What’s your dream pet?  I’m allergic to fur but i like baby elephants and fennec fox.

11. What’s your next blog post going to be about?  Haven’t decide on it yet.

I don’t know much bloggers yet but here are the nominees:

Here are the questions for my nominees:

  1. Whats your favorite movie?
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  3. Favorite TV series.
  4. 2 current favorite songs.
  5. If you could be anywhere right now,where would you be?
  6. What makes you unique?
  7. 2 favorite icecream flavour.
  8. How would you make the world a better place?
  9. Iced coffee or hot tea?
  10. Why do you have a blog?
  11. Who would you want to meet right now?


Goodluck! xo

Time Flies…

My mum brought out my towel when I was about 1 or 2 years old which I stopped using about 2 years ago.. not sure why when obviously it was very short.

And then my aunt said ” when you were a kid,that towel was at your ankles length “. The last time I use it it was a little bit below my hips.

I got to thinking of how time flies and how much I’ve grown. It is touching.  I’ve been through years from my feet was as small as my mothers palm to a great size.

Every time I look at an album filled with pictures of me when I was a kid, I can’t help but tear up a bit. I find it so touching of how small,short,innocent I was. That innocent smile that I wore each day. Those cute cheeks.

Now that I’m all grown up. All the years I’ve been through till this point.

Sometimes, I wish I could meet the “kid” me and hug it sooo tight and tell that I love her.

I hope when I have a daughter I would look at her and remember of how I used to be and love her unconditionally.

Artificial Love

Overtime I realised what I wanted was just attention, not love.

Like how Charlie Puth said it

“you just want attention, you don’t want my heart”

Thus, why I call it artificial love.

You feel as though it is love when actually after awhile it fades and you feel nothing. what you think love feels like is actually, you, longing for that attention and affection.

I’m no expert on love but I guess I realised this after I realised how I could just be in any relationship and try to convince myself its love when actually I do know its not gonna happen.

There’s always this voice that keeps telling me ‘its not gonna work’ or ‘its not gonna go that far’, which ends up true.

Until now…. I don’t know what “true love” feels or taste like. do they really take your breath away? How would I know if its true? Will I ever get the chance to realise it when it comes to me? Or am I already tired and I choose to forget true love even exists.

Probably until the day I meet my husband-to-be which will happen in a very very long time but God knows if it could be sooner though.

I like looking at my peers that are in relationship with guys among their age because I know or somehow I feel like its not gonna be that long till it doesn’t work out. however,I do wish them best and if it works then you’re lucky. And if it doesn’t…. well maybe he’s not the one,yet.

My relationships are spontaneous. We just sort of get from friends to somehow bond in this artificial love. After realising all these,my relationships are more of a ” Lets see where this goes because its probably not gonna last and it’ll be the same again. And when that happen, I already know”.

Even so, I still feel heartbroken every time but I tend to heal faster because I saw it coming. Which I guess is good.

Also I’m not saying to think like me. This is my view on things and personal experience. Different people may have different response or reactions so just accept it.

” You’re not wrong. you know what you feel and what you feel is true to you. “

A New Beginning

This new beginning is for a more personal and a more insight view on my private mind.

I did have a blog before this but it was using Blogspot so I decided to switch things up and start a new one. Although honestly, post updates are sometimes fast and sometimes slow because time issues and writers-block. Or maybe I just forgot the existence of my own blog. I could be forgetful sometimes,I admit that.

But what matters is I still,will,eventually,post something up.

For now,I’m focusing on perfecting this blog and we’ll see.